Hi, I'm an undergrad studying CS at Columbia!

Tyler Kim

( Product Developer / Web Developer / ML Researcher )

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👋 Nice to meet you!

My name is Tyler, an undergrad at Columbia SEAS pursuing towards a B.S. in Computer Science. My current interest revolves around the intersection of LLMs and education as shown in my ongoing project scraft.ai.

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The project that taught me how to learn, why I learn, and what to learn in my future CS career.

Understanding Proximal Policy Optimization (Schulman et al., 2017)

How I approached the PPO paper bottom-up as a beginner

Orbitron: Reinventing the (spherical) wheels and its control algorithm

My six-month journey of building a 4 Wheel Independent Steering/Driving Vehicle

🚀 I'm interested in...

Web Developmentreact, django, flask, typescript, nextjs, redux, tailwindcss
Machine Learningtext-mining, computer-vision, reinforcement-learning
Roboticsarduino, robot-vision, control-algorithm

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